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Call us any time if we can be of help, or to tour the venues.
Dennis Spinelli’s cell phone:  830.446.0264, or Victor:  830.357.8117

Our Venue has two houses for rent on the property
for friends, and family to stay.

What’s included in the Venue Price:
Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony Site & Dining

13,000 sq ft Air-Conditioned Space
Venue for
 12 Hours Reception Time 

1) Historical 100-year-old Rock Chapel & outdoor ceremony site
2) Dining Hall with vaulted ceiling, capacity up to 300 Guests
3) Dance Hall with built-in stage
4) Covered Patios
5) Outdoor Patio
6) Bridal Suite with Make-Up Area, Dressing Room,
Bathrooms, Showers, Living Room, & Bedroom
7) Chairs in dining area for 300 guests
8) 53 Round & Square Tables
9) Chair are provided for the Cathedral & Silk Flowers in the Church
10) Patio Chairs
11) Glassware, China, Silverware set up
12) Manicured Gardens
13) Indoor and Outdoor built-in Bars
14) Private Parking Lots

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Spinelli’s in Comfort, TX

Includes 12-hour access to Event Venue for decorating and event.

Venue Price
Choose Spinelli’s Catering. Venue is discounted to these prices.

VENUE – 12 hrs


Venue PriceYour Choice of Caterers 
VENUE – 12 hrs

Sunday Special Discount 

Package all-inclusive
Based 100 Guest 


Add Tax And tip


Friday All-inclusive Average Package 

Based on 100 Guests 


Add Tax And tip


what’s included with the venue
Wedding Package 

1) Included 100 Guests
2) Two-Meat Buffet up to  $16.95 per person see Menu  
For example: Pork Loin Medallions (carved),
topped with Cabernet Demi-Glaze and Mushrooms, or
Chicken Sautéed topped with a sun-dried
Tomato Basil Sauce, & Garlic Mashed Potatoes,
Bread & Salad, Or choose from our menu
3) Coffee, Tea & Sodas
4) Chapel, a 100-year-old Rock Church, capacity 200 Guests
5) Dining Hall with vaulted ceiling, capacity up to 300 Guests
6) Dance Hall with built-in stage
7) Covered Patios 8) Outdoor Patio
9) Bridal Suite with Make-Up Area, Dressing Room,
10) Chairs in dining area for 300 guests
11) 53 Round & Square Tables
12) Chairs are provided for the Cathedral & Silk Flowers in the Chapel
10) Patio Chairs
13)  China, Silverware 
12) Manicured Gardens
14) Indoor and Outdoor built-in Bars 
15) Private Parking Lots

16) Sep up & Cleaning 

Packages may vary in price depending on choices.


Saturday  Average Wedding Packet 

< Based on 100 Guests >
Packages may vary in price depending on choices.


Average Venue Cost  See pricing ………………………………..… $2,975.00
Average Buffet Cost, $16.95 per person ……..………………… $1,695.00

Tea, Sodas, Coffee:  $3.75 per person …………….………….. $375.00

Bar  .………………………………………………… $ ????/
Subtotal ………………………. $ 5,045.00 

Add Tax And tip

Friday Average Wedding Packet
< Based on 100 Guests >
Packages may vary in price depending on choices.

Average Venue Cost .…..…………………………………..… $1,975.00
Average Buffet Cost, $16.95 per person ……..………………… $1,795.00

Tea, Sodas, Coffee,  $3.75 per person…………….. ……….. $375.00

Free refills coffee, tea & sodas All Day
Bar ….………………………………………………… $ ????
Subtotal ……………………….. $ 4,045.00

Other Amenities In House, but not included:

1) Photo Booth for 4 hours @ $575.00, or two hours for $375.00
2) Charges, Glassware
3) Decorations available
4) 36-inch Sparklers
5) Bar Service 

Other Facilities in Easy Walking Distance

1) 65 B&B Rooms, beautiful accommodations
2) Restaurant, Shopping, Wine Rooms, Wineries, Distillery
3) Golf Course nearby, just a two-minute drive, & more

Driving Distances
1) 300 Hotel Rooms  10 minutes
2) Two Wineries   5 minutes
3) Historic Boerne   12 minutes
4) Tapatio Springs Golf Resort   20 minutes
5) Shopping at the Rim & Shops at La Cantera,
Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Lückenbach   20 minutes
…and many more!

Deposits & Fees
$900.00 deposit to hold the venue
Final headcount, table, & room arrangements are to be submitted
2 weeks prior to event (at which time, 100% of final bill MUST
paid by credit card, add 3% surcharge).
8.25% Taxes 20% Gratuity
Will be charge on the total bill Venue & Catering.
For Food service, transportation if need, tables,
Wait staff, bartenders and bar backs for serving soft-drinks,
Carver for carving station,
China, silver ware, Break Down, Set up &
Cleaning, of Church, halls, Patios, Food tasting, one hour rehearsal Time
& bridal suite. Event includes 12 Hours, for decorating and Wedding
All deposits to hold a date and time block
are refundable only if the venue is rebooked at full price less $350.00
(Add $4 per guest sit down dinner)
Prices may fluctuate depending on the market price

As you know, we are a boutique-style Wedding Venue.
Most everything is included in our venue price.



Shrimp & Mango Ceviche  $3.99
Chicken wrapped in bacon  $3.99
Shrimp Cocktail, garnished w/ lemons, limes, & sauces  $3.99
Feta-Pecan Cheese Ball, served with assorted crackers  $2.99
Gouda Cheese garnished w/ Grapes, & assorted crackers  $3.99
Endive Spears w/Bleu Cheese & toasted walnuts $3.99
Garden Vegetable Crudites served w/Buttermilk Dressing $2.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit $3.99
Mexican Salsa & Chile Con Queso

Fried Chicken Tenders  $2.99
Grilled Shrimp, BBQ or Spicy  $3.99
Mini Sandwiches, Turkey & Ham on a French Croissant  $2.99
BBQ Chicken Wings  $3.99


Two Meats – Menu Options

35-person minimum. All catering events priced per-person.

Served with your choice of Spinach, Caesar, & Spring Salad,
& includes Ranch or Honey Italian Dressings and Assorted Breads.

Carving Station

< Carved by Chef, includes 1 Carving, 1 Poultry, & 2 Sides. >
$19.95 per person, add $3.00 per person for additional meat selections
Carving: Marinated tender Roast Beef, Honey Glazed
Ham, Pecan Pork Loin, Boneless Turkey Breast
Poultry (Choose One): ChickenMarsala,
Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce
Peppered Chicken, Chicken Fajita, or Chicken & Curry
Sides, choose two: Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes,
Rice Pilaf, New Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes,
Assorted Steamed Vegetables, New Orleans-style Green Beans

Bacon-wrapped Pork Tenderloin, $19.95 per person
Tenderloin  Medallions with Or carved
a Cabernet Demi Glaze and Mushrooms
Chicken Sautéed and Topped with a Sun dried Tomato
 Basil Sauce & Garlic Mashed Potatoes
New Orleans Theme, $19.95 per person
Sausage Gumbo , Shrimp Etouffe, Blackened Chicken
Dirty Rice & Green Beans (w/Bacon & Onions)
Seafood Theme, $25.95 per person
Grilled Salmon (In a Lemon Butter Sauce w/Cilantro)
Shrimp Scampi, Wild Rice & Grilled Vegetables
Pork Theme Carving Station, $16.95 per person
Pork Medallions (Topped w/a Roasted Pepper Sauce)
Blacken Chicken Smothered  with Mushrooms in a lemon butter sauce & Mash Potatoes
Mediterranean Buffet, $17.95 per person
Italian Sausage in a spicy mariner souse with Roasted pepper & Kalamata olives,
Marinaded Grill Chicken  Smothered
Creamy pignut base pesto souse & roasted zucchini , Served With  Pene Pasta
Mexican Theme, $17.95 per person
Tender Marinated Grilled Beef & Chicken Fajitas
With Sauté Sweet pepper and onions
Spanish tomato Rice & Borracho Beans
Flour Tortillas, Pico De Gallo, Chips & Salsa
Family Theme, $16.95 per person
Meatloaf topped with Veracruz sauce
(Grilled sweet peppers in a Mexican tomato sauce)
Savory Grill Chicken in a lemon butter sauce, Creamy Garlic
Mashed Potatoes or Spanish rice.
Country Theme, $16.95 per person
Chicken-Fried Steak & Grilled pepper Chicken,
Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Beans & Skillet Gravy
Italian Theme, $17.95 per person
Three-Cheese Lasagna (vegetarian)
 Italian Meatballs in zesty marinara sauce
Creamy Mushroom Chicken Alfredo & Capellini Pasta
Southwestern Buffet, $17.95 per person
Marinated Pork Loin, carved, with sweet & sour
charred pineapple salsa, or
(black bean souse, roasted pepper sauce)
Grilled chicken breast in green salsa with corn relish,
Black Beans, Tomatillo Rice, Tortillas
Barbecue Buffet, $17.95 per person
Mouthwatering Brisket, Chicken Fajita & Sausage
Coleslaw & Home Style Potato Salad, Corn Relish
Prime Rib Theme, Carved, $28.95 per person
Pepper Prime Rib, Grilled Chicken Marcela
 with Mushrooms, Asparagus, Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Filet Mignon, 8 oz, & Shrimp, $27.95 per person
 Bacon-Wrapped and topped with Portobello Mushrooms in a Red Wine Reduction Sauce.
Large Blackened Shrimp grilled with sweet green pepper and caramelize Onions,
served with Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Caramelized Baby Carrots.
Leg of Lamb, carved  & Chicken Curry, $25.95 per person
 Serve with a Cilantro-Mint Pesto, light Creamy Spicy Chicken Curry
cooked with baby carrots, and peas Served with Moroccan Couscous,
or baby red potatoes with fresh garlic and olive oil & Creamy Spinach
Beef Tenderloin, carved, 6 oz, $29.95 per person
 Medallions with a Cabernet Demi Glaze and Crispy Shallots,
 Grilled Chicken topped with sun-dried Tomato Basil Sauce,
Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Wild Green Salad with

  Tomatoes, Toasted Pine Nuts, Goat Cheese in a Champagne Vinaigrette,
with assorted bread.

>  You are welcome to bring your own bar.
You must provide TABC-certified bartenders and security.

Menu Bar

Domestic Beer:  Bud, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, $3.75/bottle – market price
Specialty Beer:  Shiner Bock, Dos Equis, Corona, $4.50/. Wine bottle $21.75/bottle, $5.50/glass
Full wine list available for other selections
  Champagne, $2.99/glass
 Sangria, White or Red, $65.00/gallon
 Champagne Punch, $65.00/gallon
 Fresh Fruit Punch, $30.00/gallon
 Sparkling Grape Juice, $14.00/bottle
 Coffee tea  Sodas & Juices, $3.75 each
 Add $1 to Drinks if served with glassware.
Mixed Drinks available for $3.50 fee
to cover bartenders, mixes, glassware.
Wine may be brought in for $18.00 corking fee each.
 < Cash Bar set up fee  $95.00 >
You are welcome to bring your own bar you must provide security TABC-certified bartenders