Pricing Overview


VENUE CHAPEL & HALL when using Spinelli's Catering

JAN-FEB 1,975 2,975 2,575 1,575
MAR 2,775 3,775 2,975 1,575
APR 2,975 4,275 3,575 1,575
MAY 2,775 3,775 2,975 1,575
JUNE 2,775 3,775 2,975 1,575
JULY 1,975 2,975 3,275 1,575
AUG 1,975 2,975 2,975 1,575
SEPT 2,775 3,775 2,975 1,575
OCT 2,975 4,272 3,575 1,575
NOV-DEC 2,775 3,775 2,975 1,575

CHAPEL & HALL when using your caterer

JAN-FEB 3,275 4,275 3,275 1,875
MAR & MAY 4,775 6,275 4,775 1,875
APR 4,775 6,275 4,775 1,875
JUNE-JULY 4,775 5,775 4,775 1,875
AUG 4,775 5,775 4,775 1,875
SEPT 4,775 6,275 4,775 1,875
OCT 4,775 6,275 4,775 1,875
NOV-DEC 4,775 6,275 4,775 1,875

Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony Site & Venue
13,000 sq ft air-conditioned space, and venue for 13 Hours Reception Time
1) Historical 100-year-old Rock Chapel & outdoor ceremony site
2) Dining Hall with vaulted ceiling, capacity up to 250 Guests
3) Dance Hall with built-in stage
4) Covered Patios
5) Outdoor Patio
6) Bridal Suite with Make-Up Area, Dressing Room, 
7) Chairs in dining area for 300 guests
8) 53 Round & Square Tables
9) Chair are provided for the Cathedral & Silk Flowers in the Church
10) Patio chairs
11) set up & Clean up
12) Manicured gardens
13) Indoor and outdoor built-in bars
14) Private parking lots
15) Venue Capacity: 250 guests

Deposits & Fees
$900.00 deposit to hold the venue
Final headcount, table, & room arrangements are to be submitted
2 weeks prior to event (at which time, 100% of final bill MUST
paid by credit card, add 3% surcharge).
8.25% Taxes 20% Labor
Will be charge on the total bill Venue & Catering.
For Food service, transportation if need, tables,
Wait staff, bartenders and bar backs for serving soft-drinks,
Carver for carving station,
China, silver ware, Break Down, Set up &
Cleaning, of Church, halls, Patios, Food tasting, one hour rehearsal Time
& bridal suite. Event includes 12 Hours, for decorating and Wedding
All deposits to hold a date and time block
are refundable only if the venue is rebooked at full price less $450.00
(Add $4 per guest sit down dinner)
Prices may fluctuate depending on the market price

As you know, we are a boutique-style Wedding Venue.
Most everything is included in our venue price.

Shrimp & Mango Ceviche $3.99
Chicken wrapped in bacon $3.99
Shrimp Cocktail, garnished w/ lemons, limes, & sauces $3.99
Feta-Pecan Cheese Ball, served with assorted crackers $2.99
Gouda Cheese garnished w/ Grapes, & assorted crackers $3.99
Endive Spears w/Bleu Cheese & toasted walnuts $3.99
Garden Vegetable Crudites served w/Buttermilk Dressing $2.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit $3.99
Mexican Salsa & Chile Con Queso
Fried Chicken Tenders $2.99
Grilled Shrimp, BBQ or Spicy $3.99
Mini Sandwiches, Turkey & Ham on a French Croissant $2.99
BBQ Chicken Wings $3.99

Buffet. 2-Meat Menus
Options: 35 person minimum. All catering events are priced per person. Served with choice of Spinach, Caesar, & Spring Salad, & Include Ranch or Honey Italian Dressings and Assorted Breads

NOTE: Choose from this extensive list of options, or customize your catered selection by choosing from available options below.

Carving Station
Carved by Chef (Includes 1 Carving, 1 Poultry, & 2 Sides) $19.95 per person (Add $3.00 for additional meat selections) Carving: Marinated Tender Roast Beef, Honey Glazed Ham, Pecan Pork Loin, Boneless Turkey Breast Poultry (Choose One): ChickenMarsala. Chicken in a Mushroom Creamy Sauce Peppered Chicken, Chicken Fajita Chicken & Curry Side (Choose Two): Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes Rice Pilaf, New Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes, Assorted Steamed Vegetables, New Orleans Style Green Beans

Bacon-rap Pork Tenderloin carving Station $ 19.95
Tenderloin Medallions carved topped With a Cabernet Demi Glace and Mushrooms Basal cream Chicken Topped with a Sun dried Tomato & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

New Orleans Theme $19.95 per person
Shrimp Etouffe & Chicken Sausage Gumbo Dirty Rice & Green Beans (w/Bacon & Onions)

Seafood Theme $25.95 per person
Grilled Salmon (In a Lemon Butter Sauce w/Cilantro) Shrimp Scampi, Wild Rice & Grilled Vegetables

Pork Theme Carving Station $16.95 per person
Pork Medallions (Topped w/a Roasted Pepper Sauce) Blacken Chicken Smothered with Mushrooms in a lemon butter sauce & Mashed Potatoes

Mediterranean Buffet $17.95
Italian Sausage in a spicy marinara sauce with Roasted pepper & Kalamata olives, Marinaded Grill Chicken Smothered Creamy pignut base pesto sauce , Served With Pene Pasta

Mexican Theme $17.95 per person
Tender Marinated Grilled Beef & Chicken Fajitas With Sauté Sweet pepper and onions Spanish tomato Rice & Borracho Beans Flour Tortillas, Pico De Gallo, Chips & Salsa

Family Theme $16.95 per person
Meatloaf top with Veracruz sauce (Grill sweet peppers in a Mexican tomato sauce) Savory Grill Chicken in a lemon butter souse, Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Spanish rice

Country Theme $16.95 per person
Chicken Fried Steak & Grilled pepper Chicken Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Beans & Skillet Gravy

Italian Theme $17.95
Three-Cheese Lasagna ( Vegetarian ) Italian Meatballs in zesty Marinara Sauce Creamy Mushroom Chicken Alfredo & Capellini Pasta

Marinaded Pork loin Carved with ( Roasted pepper souse ) Grilled chicken breast in Green salsa with corn relish. Black beans Tomatillo rice. Tortillas Barbecue Buffet $17.95 Mouthwatering Brisket, Chicken Fajita & Sausage Coleslaw & Home Style Potato Salad

Prime Rib Theme Carved $28.95
Pepper Prime Rib , Grilled Chicken Marcela New Orleans style Green beans and bacon bacon , Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Bacon-Wrapped Toped Portobello Mushrooms in a Red Wine Reduction Souse , Large Blackened shrimp grilled with sweet green pepper and caramelize Onions Served with Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Caramelized Baby Carrots.

Serve with a Cilantro-Mint Pesto Light Creamy Spicy chicken curry cooke 

BEVERAGE MENU - Bar Domestic beer $3.50 /bottle - Market Price Specialty Beer – Shiner Bock, Dos X corona $4.50 bottle – Market Price $21.75 /bottle. $5.50/Glass Full wine list available for other selections

Champagne $2.99 Per glass Sangria - White or Red $65.00 per gallon Champagne Punch $65.00 per gallon Fresh Fruit Punch $30.00 per gallon Sparkling Grape Juice $14.00/bottle Coffee tea Sodas $3.75 eaca Add $1 to Drinks if served with glass ware. Mixed Drinks Available for $3.50 fee to cover bartenders mixes glass ware . Wine may be brought in for $18.00 corking fee each Cash Bar $95.00


Table Setting

Average Wedding Cost

Saturday wedding Package 

Based on 100 Guests
Venue Food Drinks included
Packages may vary in price depending on choices
Average Venue Cost:  $3,575.00
Average Buffet Cost ($16.95 per person):  $1,695.00
[See menu for more choices]
Tea, Sodas, Coffee ($3.75 per person): $375.00
Free refills coffee, tea & sodas
Cash Bar or  you are welcome to bring your own Bar
Subtotal: $5,646.00
add tax & Labor 

Friday Wedding Package 

Based on 100 Guests
Venue Food Drinks  included
Packages may vary in price depending on choices.
Average Venue Cost: $2,575.00
Average Buffet Cost ($16.95 per person): $1,695.00
[See menu for more choices]
Tea, Sodas, Coffee ($3.75 per person): $375.00
Free refills coffee, tea & sodas
Cash or you are welcome to bring your own 
Subtotal: $4,645.00
add tax & Labor 

Sunday Special Discount Package

 all-inclusive 100 Guest  

See Discounts Venue capacity 250

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