Country Lodge

At the heart of Spinelli’s full-service facility, are two beautiful houses used for overnight stays and other festivities: The Country Lodge, and Bridal Suite. Also, you will be pleased to know that Comfort is home to many B&Bs for your guests to stay, and all within easy walking distance from Spinelli’s. At Spinelli’s, guests choose from a classic century-old country lodge, and a fashionable private bridal suite. Both are on the property at Spinelli’s. Spinelli’s is within easy walking distance from Comfort’s shops, restaurants, wineries, historic points of interest and much more. Call us for a tour today!

Bridal Lodge

The Bridal Suite at Spinelli’s Wedding Venue affords the wedding party privacy and the benefits of a fully equipped lodge complete with kitchen, changing areas, living space and bedrooms. Moreover, the suite is adjacent to the historic wedding chapel, and provides the convenience of moving the wedding party quickly to the chapel.