Cost for a wedding in San Antoni TX

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San Antonio has been ranked the 17th most expensive city in the United States for weddings, according to the owner of and
Couples in San Antonio spent $27,735 on average to get married in 2011. This tally includes all the various costs typically associated with the wedding such as the cost the venue, dress, photographer, flowers, cake, ring, invitations and entertainment. The price tag excludes the honeymoon.

The most expensive city to get married in during 2011 was Manhattan. Weddings there cost $65,824.
The average amount spent on a U.S. wedding was $27,021 in 2011.
“For the first time since 2008, wedding budgets are on the rise,” says Carley Roney, co-founder of The Knot. “In 2011, one in five U.S. couples spent more than $30,000, and 11 percent spent more than $40,000 on their weddings. Our research shows that couples and their families are less concerned with the economy and are increasingly comfortable investing more in the once-in-a-lifetime occasion of their wedding.”

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