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Spinelli’s Hill Country Wedding Venues in Comfort and Boerne are a short drive north on Interstate 10 from San Antonio.

In Comfort, Spinelli’s 100 year-old chapel and dance hall have every amenity your party will need. Food is prepared by the award-winning Spinelli’s Catering. The wedding party will enjoy the privacy of the gorgeous Bridal Suite. Guests can choose from a Country Lodge and a great variety of lodging near Spinelli’s. Spinelli’s is in the heart of historic Comfort, Texas, with many points of interest all within easy walking distance. Major attractions include wineries, the Guadalupe River, specialty shops, tours, hunting, recreation, golf and much more.

Just 12 miles to the south, Spinelli’s TreeHouse is centrally located in the Historic District of Boerne, Texas. The central structure features a towering library wall, views of the Hill Country, lodging, decks and outdoor venues. Spinelli’s Catering serves the Boerne location as well.

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